Arrest for cannabis Witchcraft can be a harrowing experience.

    If you are in a public place with lots of people around, then the arrest will probably be somewhat professional, especially if anyone pulls out a video camera or cellphone with camera.

    But if you are arrested someplace outside of public view, the arrest will be very brutal. The police will beat you up and may engage in serious torture. The police might even shoot to kill.

    Try to be as polite and as cooperative as humanly possible, no matter how ridiculous or humiliating or violent the police actions. There is a chance (especially in public) that the police might go lightly on you.

    While it will be tempting to defend yourself against the police brutality, resist the temptation.

    Any resistance to police brutality is an additional criminal offense.

    Even entering a defensive posture, such as the fetal position, is an additional crime (resisting arrest). You are required by law to do everything in your power to make your vital organs clear and unblocked targets for police aggression.

    Going limp or becoming unconscious is an additional crime (resisting arrest). Do everything in your power to stay conscious throughout your beating.

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