illegal bias

    The government has an illegal bias against Witchcraft that violates the U.S. Constitution.

    All government officials, including all judges, prosecutors, and police, are officially paid in money that includes the officially established written religious oath of office “In God We Trust”, even though the U.S. Constitution specifically prohibits religious oaths of office.

    All federal judges are either Christian or Jew. There are ZERO Buddhist federal judges. There are ZERO Hindu federal judges. There are ZERO Witch federal judges. There are ZERO Islamic federal judges. Statistically it is unambigiously clear that the appointments of federal judges have involved an illegal prohibition against federal judges of any religion other than Christianity or Judaism.

    The majority of the U.S. Supreme Court are Roman Catholic and have exercised their majority to vote according to requirements set down by the Roman Catholic Pope under threat of being excommunicated by the Pope.

    In the case U.S. v. David Meyers, No. 95-8079, United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth District, September 6, 1996, the judges ruled that Meyer’s Church of Marijuana was not legally a religion and used a set of highly biased tests that were specifically designed to establish Chrisianity as the only legal religion in the U.S. and specifically prohibit the free exercise of all other religions.

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