Goddess of Cannabis Witchcraft
Queen of Witches

    There are many different Goddesses of Cannabis and Witchcraft from every culture around the world.


    Diana is the Roman version of the magick Goddess of cannabis. Diana is the Queen of Witches.

    The Greeks called this same Goddess Artemis. The Temple of Diana at Ephesus was one of the seven wodners of the ancient world.

    The Egyptians called this Goddess Bast.

    The Germans called this Goddess Easter.

the Wild One

    Throughout the Medieval Period in Europe Diana was viewed as the Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt, and wild flora and fauna.

    Diana ruled all of the dark forests of Europe throughout the Middle Ages.

    From Aradia, in The Charge of the Goddess:

    “Once in the month, and when the moon is full, ye shall assemble in some desert place, or in a forest all together join to adore the potent spirit of your queen, my mother, great Diana”

    The Goddess Diana was channeled by Witches through the use of cannabis smoke. Under the influence of cannabis intoxication, Witches can hear the words of Diana.

    Diana is the Wild Goddess who transforms a raging bestial human into a laughing and giglling human. See laughter.

Queen of Witches

    One of the primary goals of the Christian Inquisitions was to stamp out worship of Diana. Some scholars think this was the original reason for the Inquisition. The Christian clergy proclaimed that Diana was the Queen of the Witches. Torquemada, an infamous witchhunter and grand Inquisitor, claimed that Diana was Satan.

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