hanged, drawn and quartered

    The traditional punishment for Cannabis Witchcraft is the death penalty. This is especially true of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), the official religion of the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    A method of carrying out the Christian death penalty against Witches was being hanged, drawn and quartered.

    This punishment was first imposed on William Maurice for piracy in 1241 under King Henry III of England.

    The punishment of hanged, drawn and quartered was carried out as follows:

  1. Dragged on a hurdle to the place of execution. A hurdle was a wooden frame.
  2. Hanged by the neck for a short time, until almost dead.
  3. Disembowelled. The genitalia of the condemned Witch would be cut off and burned before the condemned’s eyes. The entrails (intestines and other soft organs) of the condemned Witch would be drawn out of the body and then burned before the condemned’s eyes.
  4. Quartered. Beheaded and the body divided into four parts.

    Typically the five parts of the Witch (the four quarters of the body and the head) would be gibbeted (placed on public display).

    The drawing and quartering carried special religious significance for the Christians of Western Europe. They believed that mutilating a human body was contrary to proper dignity and thereby punished the person beyond the grave.

    One trial transcript from the Old Bailey, London, England, on July 12, 1683 states (The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref. t16830712-4):

    Then Sentence was passed, as followeth, viz. That they should return to the place from whence they came, from thence be drawn to the Common place of Execution upon Hurdles, and there to be Hanged by the Necks, then cut down alive, their Privy-Members cut off, and Bowels taken out to be burnt before their Faces, their Heads to be severed from their Bodies, and their Bodies divided into four parts, to be disposed of as the King should think fit.

    November 18, 1441 Roger Bolingbroke was hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn, England, for Witchcraft.

    What possible reason could the U.S. government have for such Draconian penalties for cannabis? It is because Chrsitianity has always imposed Draconian penalties for Witchcraft, including torture and the death penalty. The Controlled Substances Act imposes harsher penatlies for cannabis than for rape, murder, and torture because the Christian judges and Congresspersons consider Cannabis Witchcraft to be a more serious religious offense than violent crimes.

See also: death penalty

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