fabricated evidence

    One of the most important tools used by Christian law enforcement officers (LEO) in their Cannabis Witch Hunts is the fabrication of evidence.

    Courts (whose judges pledge the official U.S. government oath of office “In God We Trust”) rarely allow defense attornies to challenge fabricated evidence because when it is proven that a police officer is fabricating evidence it can call into question hundreds or thousands of convictions in previous Witch Trials

    Even when it is proven that the police fabricated evidence, the judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers who participated in the Witch Trial are completely immune from civil lawsuits for damages because of the doctrine that those acting in the interest of the Church have soveriegn immunity against any consequences for their illegal actions.

    Walter Cronkite, famous as long time achor of CBS Evening News and in the 1970s called “the most trusted man in America”, wrote on February 23, 2006:

    “In Tulia, Texas, an investigator fabricated evidence that sent more than one out of every ten of the town’s African American residents to jail on trumped-up drug charges in one of the most despicable travesties of justice this reporter has ever seen.”

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