burning in Hell

    Christians claim that Witches are burned in the Christian Hell.

    Saint Augustine claimed that burning stakes and bruloirs were justified because hell is a cruel place and cruelty that lasts for less than an hour is preferable to cruelty that lasts for eternity.

    Saint Augustine wrote in his 69th address “Ad Fratres in Eremitate Sermo LXIX” a description of Hell in which Satan seizes a woman’s damned soul and commands his fellow devils to:

    “pierce her eyes with forks as she enjoyed looking at unclean things, pierce her mouth as she used them for blasphemy, pierce her heart, as she did not harbor piety, compassion, clemency, and forgiveness there, pierce her hands with the heavy fork forged in Hell since she reached with them at things unclean and did not use them to distribute alms and help her neighbors, use the feiry forks to pierce her legs she used to dance and meet her lovers.”

    According to Saint Augustine, after the devils performed these tasks, the devils spread their black wings and transported the stabbed woman’s soul to hell. When the gates of Hell open:

    “out steps a hideous, horrible dragon, always ready to devour souls. The dragon inserts the soul into his mouth, full of stench. After chewing and digesting the soul, the ddragon vomits the soul into a fiery lake, where millions of other sinful souls wait for their trial by our Lord.”

    Saint Augustine continued with a description of women fried for eternity in oil and men burned in their own sperm.

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