Laughter is one of the signs of Cannabis Witchcraft.

    Christians hunting Witches would look for laughter and giggling because this was proof that a person had practiced Witchcraft by smoking cannabis.

    The laughter was proof that the spirit of Diana, the Wild One, had entered the person as a result of Witchcraft Sorcery. The Goddess Diana was viewed as the source of magick. The cannabis smoke was how the Goddess Diana gave magickal power to Witches. The incense smoke was the Ba en Aset (soul of the Goddess) of the Bast plant (cannabis hemp or marijuana). The ancient Egyptian phrase was Ntr Sentra, literally meaning the Breath of the Goddess. The exhaled smoke empowers the words of the Witch, turning ordinary words into powerful magick spells.

    Every person (of any religion, including Christians) who giggles or laughs as the result of cannabis intoxication is unambigiously engaging in Cannabis Witchcraft.

    “Witches are perhaps the most varied of the supernaturals, although The Possessed may rival them. The paradigm by which a Witch does his or her hell-black magic is always different. Sometimes it is readings from cards or the sky, sometimes it is needles in the skin or re-arranging of furniture to tap sick “dragon energy,” sometimes it is chanting and fire, sometimes psychic powers, sometimes it is taking drops of sinister potions and rolling around giggling. Whatever it may be, Witch magic always takes a dire and ironic cost. Witches were responsible for the Vietnam War, for example.” — the hunter, 2007

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Cannabis Witch Hunt

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Cannabis Witch Hunt