Witchcraft potions
magick potions

    Witches are famous for their potions, which are herbal medications made from natural plants, especially cannabis.

    “Since the beginning of time, shamans and priest/esses in every human culture have used sacred substances -- hallucinogenic mushrooms, hashish, peyote, wine, to name a few -- to achieve altered states of consciousness, the “divine frenzy” that opens a magician’s mind to the realm beyond the ordinary. When Xtianity imposed on Western culture its puritanical fear of ecstasy, the lore of sacred substances was kept alive by the hidden children of the Old Religion. Don’t believe the rote anti-drug disclaimers printed in popular books on the Craft -- Witches really do mutter enchantments over our cauldrons (or at least our cooking pots) as we stir handfuls of strange herbs into magic potions and flying ointments. The use of mind-altering substances for ritual purposes is as integral to Wicca -- and as historically well attested -- as it is to any other indigenous religion, and we consider the outlawing and persecution of traditional sacred plants such as cannabis (marijuana) and Amanita Muscaria (the “fairy mushroom”) to be a direct violation of Wiccans’ First Amendment right to freedom of religion.” — Lady Passion, author of General Information about Witchcraft

    Christian Bible scholars are well aware that Witchcraft potions are against the laws of Christianity.

    “So like a witch that stirs her pot of secret brewing herbs, who then takes a small bottle of the potion and gives it to someone, so too with Elymas and Simon [Acts 13:6 and 8:9]. The witch was a drug dealer. Simon would give hallucinogen drugs like “THC” (cannabis) “Psylocibin” or “Cybelcyblin” (magic mushroom) “Cocaine”, “Heroin” (poppy plant) to someone, wait a few minutes then as the drug starts to set in, start waving his hands around giving the impression that HIS POWER is causing all the pink elephants to fly ” — Steve Rudd, author of Drugs and the Bible: E, Shrooms, Cocaine, Crack, Marijuana

    “Witches are perhaps the most varied of the supernaturals, although The Possessed may rival them. The paradigm by which a Witch does his or her hell-black magic is always different. Sometimes it is readings from cards or the sky, sometimes it is needles in the skin or re-arranging of furniture to tap sick “dragon energy,” sometimes it is chanting and fire, sometimes psychic powers, sometimes it is taking drops of sinister potions and rolling around giggling. Whatever it may be, Witch magic always takes a dire and ironic cost. Witches were responsible for the Vietnam War, for example.” — the hunter, 2007

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