false claims of Satanism

    Cannabis Witchcraft has been persecuted on the basis of many false claims.

The Devil is frequently depicted
as a male animal figure.

    One false claim is the Cannabis Witchcraft is supposedly Satanic, worshiping the Christian Satan or Devil.

    No Christian police officer or prosecutor has ever proven the existence of Satan or the Devil in any American court of law.

    Christian chroniclers recording the proceedings of Witch Trials would automatically write in the word “Devil” whenever a defendant referred to his or her God. This led to huge number sof trial transcripts where accused Witches speak of their worship of the Devil when they were actually speaking of wrship of God or Goddess.

    As recently as April 20, 2007, the Los Angeles Times ran a front page article (California section) entitled “The case of the missing remains: a real witch hunt” in which Times Staff Writer Garrett Therolf quotes Detective Jim Geist of the Santa Ana Police Department’s robbery unit falsely claiming that witches were robbing graves in Santa Ana.

    Buried deep in the article on the next to last page of the section was the information that Det. Geist discovered through fingerprint evidence and a confession that the robbery wasn’t done by witches, but instead done by mentally ill 42-year-old woman named Maria Isabel Foster, who had been arrested for writing bad checks.

    Det. Geist is quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying that interviews with neighbors “confirmed his suspicions” when unnamed sources supposedly told the detective that “she lived with a human skeleton and spoke of an interest in witchcraft”. The Santa Ana robbery detective said that when he interviewed Foster on January 4th that she was “shy and distant” and “didn’t want to talk about witchcraft” but the detective said “I told her I was into it and I wanted to understand” and she replied “She wanted to be understood.”

    Yes, the detective admitted to the newspaper that he lied to a mentally ill woman and was able to bully her into admitting that she wanted to be understood!

    The front page portion of the Los Angeles Times article claims that Det. Geist “calls believers in witchcraft creeps” and that his investtigation into the stolen cremation remains involved “tapping ‘Orange County witchcraft’ and ‘Orange County satanic worship’ into the Yahoo search engine.”

    The newspaper also reports that Det. Geist claimed to have numerous times, as a patrolman, “enter[ed] the fenced-in cemetary at night without a flashlight” to investigate “seances and strange rituals”, but the police officer was never able to catch anyone in the act because “black-caped figures would run away when he drew near.”

    Every member of the Santa Ana Police Department, including Detective Jim Geist, is officially paid in money that includes the written religious oath of office “In God We Trust”.

    In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII issued an edict entitled Summis desiderantes affectibus alleging that many men and women in collusion with the Devil supposedly caused disease and pestilence, harmed harvests and cattle, and perpetuated other heinous crimes.

    In 1595 Nicholas Remy of France write in Daemonolatreia “Whatever is not normal is due to the Devil.”

    In 1851 the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) accused Eugene Vintras of the Church of Carmel in france of conducting Black Masses and engaging in homosexual acts as part of his rituals.

    According to Wesley’s Notes: Witchcraft not only gives that honour to the devil which is due to God alone, but bids defiance to the divine providence, wages war with God’s government, puts his work into the devil’s hand expecting him to do good and evil. By our law, consulting, covenanting with, invocating or employing any evil spirit to any intent whatever, and exercising any enchantment, charm, or sorcery, whereby hurt shall be done to any person, is made felony, without benefit of clergy; also pretending to tell where goods lost or stolen may be found, is an iniquity punishable by the judge, and the second offence with death. This was the case in former times. But we are wiser than our fore - fathers. We believe, no witch ever did live! At least, not for these thousand years.

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