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    This Side of Sanity brought together musicians from widely diverse musical backgrounds to play music without genre borders. It probably isn’t particularly commercial to ignore the limits of radio station formats, but musically it sure is much more satisfying to play whatever we find interesting or fun.

musicians who just don’t fit into a single genre box
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    We don’t have a record contract. We are making our music available for free download over the internet. If you like the music (or even just one song), how about supporting our direct distribution by sending us the money that would normally go to a record company? Send your money to Milo, PO Box 1361, Tustin, California, 92781, USA. Thanks!!!
Musical selection is “Remind Me Never”, This Side of Sanity, © 1988 Chip Lamb and Misha;
followed by (as a medley) “In Decision”, This Side of Sanity, © 1988 Jeff Avella and Misha
This Side of Sanity is:
Bill Turner
(piano & keyboards)
Chip (guitar)
Dave (drums)
Deryl (bass)
Gabrielle (lead & backup vocals)
Garyx (drums)
Jeff (keyboards & backup vocals)
John (guitar)
Milo (guitar & percussion)
Misha (bass & backup vocals)
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