Wavy Gravy Cut Interview: Nobody for President from the Time 4 Hemp video series archives, producer michaelm
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Willie Nelson
Wavy Gravy Full Interview: Hemp and the Nobody for President campaign Time 4 Hemp, copyright©1991 michaelm producer

After years of protests, Wavy Gravy had sustained deep wounds from attacking peace officers armed with guns and batons. While under attack at a protest rally he had noticed a clown, walking between protesters and police, unassailed like a Buddha. He was transfigured at that moment into Wavy Gravy the great psyceldellic environmental clown. He was kind enough to visit with us on our traveling set as a guest on our Time 4 Hemp show. We taped live on 4/20/91. I hope you will continue to enjoy all these years later.

Time 4 Hemp show #09 ©1991 michaelm producer
13 min 6 sec 117 mb size 640 x 480
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